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Finding the right interior task to take on the big project of renovating your house can be quite arduous since there are chances that the firm you are hiring to do the task for you might not understand the depth of your vision. Your design inclination should be reflected in your home space and that is only possible when you bring the right interior decoration company on board who you can trust with the process. Interviewing an interior design company is kinda like a first date. You keep wondering if your tastes and personalities match, if you have the same goals in mind, if this company is “the one” for you, and the questions are positively endless! If you want the right answers, you will have to ask the right questions first!

Things you need to do before meeting any interior designer

Before you make any hiring decisions, get your goals clear in your mind. Know exactly what you’re looking for. Create a checklist of things you want to narrow down the possibilities.It is recommended that you should flip through some home decor magazines that can be found online or offline, to get a better knowledge of your taste. These magazines also feature some advertisements related to top interior design firms in various locations. This can be a good source of information and it can also help you shortlist a few good firms. It’s always a good idea to browse some interior design ideas on social media. You can use apps like Instagram and Pinterest to look at creative portfolios of designers all across the globe. YouTube is also a great platform to get some ideas, since you can look at videos that can give you a 360-degree view of an excellently designed space. Inspiration can strike from anywhere, if anythings calls your name the moment you lay your eyes on it, it might as well adorn your home and beautify it in the process of being included in your home decor. .After choosing a potential trusted interior design company, you would want to interview their team. These are some questions that you can ask in the interview-

How would you define your style? What is your style inspiration?

You're aiming to find how well their design style is expressed by them. There are several designers who restrict themselves to one design profile . It makes sense to work with a designer who specializes in that style if you notice you are gravitating towards. But if you're not sure where you belong on the continuum of trends, meet a bunch of designers and ask for their portfolios. You can further probe by asking questions like- “ What are the characteristics of your design?”, “What type of colours do you prefer to use in your design projects?”, etc. These questions will help you capture the essence of their aesthetics and their creative process.

What kind of design services do you provide?

This question will help you determine whether this is the company you want to work with, based on your design requirements. If they don’t provide the type of service you’re looking for, you can move on to the next one.

How much do you charge for your services?

This question will help you clarify whether this firm fits your budget or not. You can further ask if they would be willing to work within your budget, or if they have any special discounts. If the budget is finalized, you can go ahead and discuss other intricate details of your project. If not, you can ask them for any recommendations for other services that might fit your pocket.

What team will be involved in my project?

This will help you get to know about the background of the individuals involved in the team that will be working with you. You can even meet the whole team to get to know them better and bond with them so they understand your style better.

If I tell you that I don’t like the design, how would you handle it?

It is very common to not like certain elements of the design. It’s always best to know what to expect when you’re working with someone in close quarters. This is going to help you avoid any future conflicts. Working with an interior design firm is a commitment. You and the team work together to make your home the ideal space for you, which also makes it an enjoyable experience. Thus it is paramount to work with a specialised team that besides being creative in their ways also hears your end of opinions and what you fancy. DefineHomz fulfills all these criterias with our team of experts and our objective of creating spaces that resonate with your lifestyle, liking and personality. Our primary focus is not putting our creative aspirations on the front end but to bring forth your vision and desired design to your house. To know more, we welcome you to contact DefineHomz, the most trusted interior decoration company in Gurgaon.