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These days, the popularity of modular kitchen is all-time high and many individuals are approaching interior design firms to accomplish that sleek and stylish look. Modular kitchens are the most sought after options owing to the style statement it creates. These are viewed as sleek, stylish, modern and technical in comparison to other kitchens. But before you get diverted with the variety of designs modular kitchens have to offer, to run a hassle-free kitchen there are some technical aspects you have to consider. The modular kitchen relies upon the space accessible in your kitchen zone. If your kitchen is compact for eg, a parallel or straight kitchen would be great, else space will look squeezed. The ideal kitchen options for enormous spaces include Island kitchens, L and U shape kitchens. The vast majority of the homes do have a built-in countertop. Nonetheless, if you are hoping to tweak the kitchen countertop, Granite quality tops, Solid Surface tops and Boiling waterproof with plywood lamination are some of the elite options to consider. Out of these for the Indian kitchens, premium quality granite is the best one as it opposes warmth, scratches, and at the same time provides cover from mildew and mold. In most cases, it’s better not to opt for dull colours as they are bad reflectors of light. You can likewise utilize a mix of two colours to keep up the general appeal in your kitchen. Attach quality lightings on the two ceilings and the walls and do introduce electric chimneys for improved ventilation. Speaking about ventilation, it’s important to include large windows while planning your ideal kitchen. If you are limited by inadequate design or space, chimneys or exhausts can serve as an effective alternative. DefineHomz with its interior design services serves as a respite to your design problems. We think, innovate and craft the perfect kitchen for you and your family today. Think, innovate and craft the perfect kitchen for you and your family today.


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