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    Creating lasting impressions through interior design.
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    Creating lasting impressions through interior design.


Interior design services for you

As an interior design company, we add functionality and aesthetics to your space. Co-create and collaborate your design ideas with us as we strive to bring your dreams and visuals to life. Combine various themes into one. With the design approach specifically garnered to sharpen and focus on design and how it adds value to your life, we ensure that quality control runs in sync with the entire design and execution process. Sit back and relax as we deliver your dream space within 30 days and additionally provide you with a 15-year warranty. Come and experience the innovation of the highest quality as we deliver wonderful and professional interior design services for you and your family. If you are looking for the best interior design company, choose DefineHomz.

An interior decoration company that brings 1100+ designers together

Interior Design Services

Residentials & Commercial interior designs
need the right mix of functionality and aethetics

  • Convenient Online Consultations
  • Multiple Design Choices
  • Price Match Guarantees
  • Hassle Free Delivery
  • Quality Delivery
  • Fits your Budget
Interior Design Services

15-Years Warranty

Receive up to 15 years of warranty on all our services including products by third party suppliers.

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30-Days Delivery

Sit back and relax as our fitting and installation team strives hard to deliver your dream home within 30 days of execution.

interior design services

1100+ Design Experts

Choose from over 1100+ plus designers to execute your residential and commercial interior designs.

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Post-Installation Service

Talk to our best in class customer care team to address any post sales issues, warranty and concerns.

All Interiors under one umbrella

Interior Design Services


  • Kitchen
  • Wardrobes
  • TV Units
  • Shoe Racks & Storage
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Interior Design


  • Beds
  • Sofa
  • Seating
  • Tables
  • Pooja Units
  • Dining table
  • Consoles
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Interior Design firm
  • Wall Papers
  • Lighitngs & Artifacts
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Interior Design company

Renovation & Upgrade

  • False Ceiling
  • Paint Work
  • Bathroom Remodelling
  • Flooring & Wall Tiling
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
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Common FAQs

If I have the time, money and the taste, why do I need an interior designer?

You need an interior designer because firstly designers add value in terms of designs and functionality. Simulataneoausly you can carry on with your personal business and let the professionals do the thinking. The designers can take care of any added complications and you can be assured that all aspects are taken care of and there are no surprises.

If I hire an Interior Designer, how do I go about executing the project?

How long will it take for the project to complete?

For any DefineHomz project, a simple installation takes 15 days. After placing the order, the woodwork installation takes 30 Days. We strive to complete any DefineHomz project within 39 days. Depending upon the scope of work, the civil work takes 60-90 days.

How can the designer help me in procurement of the materials?

This can be done in two ways.

Being involved in the industry, the designers can get the raw materials at a discounted price.They are continuously procuring materials from various dealers.

You can procure the raw materials at discounted rate from your local store and provide it to the designers.

How much of my personal time would I need to invest?

With our design professionals hard at work, there is no need for you to supervise anything. Things will be run by you before its execution in order to maintain full clarity.

We follow a

4 Point Approach


Collaborate with our in-house experts at online, your home or our exhibit centers.



Lets help create visually stunning designs that help bring your ideas to life.



Our design execution team ensures timely delivery & quality for the works.



Come move in, into your transformed spaces, and live the way you want.


Customer Vouch For Us

Preeti Mehra

Gurgaon Resident
interior services

"DefineHomz has done an amazing job. I am extremely happy with how my home interiors have turned out to be. Each part looks so inviting and refreshingly beautiful. Thank you DefineHomz for the wonderful facelift !”

Lakshita Rajput

Neemrana Resident
Lakshita Rajput

“My hubby wanted a traditional look, while I was seeking something contemporary. DefineHomz has been able to merge the two ideas and visions into something innovative and unique. Kudos on the wonderful job !".

Rahul Kanojiya

Noida Resident
Rahul Kanojiya

"With aged parents, and young kids, I was puzzled at what kind of bathroom would make sense! DefineHomz created the accessibility within a contemporary bathroom that combines both elegance and functionality !"