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Talking about restaurants first, while it is important to find the perfect location to open your restaurant, it is not enough. After you are done with the location, you have to come down to deciding the designs and ideas for the restaurant. All these things highly affect the customer attraction and hence, business. Here are a few useful tips to design your own restaurant from scratch –

  • Color is known to be a great factor as it psychologically affects the mindsets of the people. It is said that red color increases the appetite of the customer. This is why red is a prominent color in Mcdonalds and in its logo.
  • Lightning is more important than you may realize. It is very important to have perfect lighting to enhance your good features and hide the flaws. Moreover. It helps to set the whole mood on the environment. A customer passing by notices the restaurant due to the lighting of the place. soft lights encourage the customers to talk to each other softly and politely.
  • Music plays a big part in carrying the image of the restaurant. Rock music increases the appetite of the customers and also causes them to byte faster. This tends to empty the tables fast. Slow music gives a nice effect to a high-end restaurant where top chefs cook their exotic meals.
  • Aroma is very important. This is what will bring the customers back to your restaurant. Good aroma causes the customers’ memories associated with your restaurant to be positive.

If you are thinking of designing your own bar. Here are a few useful tips-

  • Plan ahead. Decide on a budget and plan everything before executing it. The theme should be decided beforehand as well along with the details.
  • Consider the space constraints. In a bar, it is essential to take care of the measurements of the bar. Factors like enough space behind the counter for the bartender to move can not be ignored.
  • Choosing the equipment in a bar is what makes it more efficient and attractive. Bar should always have a refrigerator, ice bins, coolers, wine racks, etc. Going with the interior, the bars and stools should be suitable. The glasses, flooring, everything matters.
  • Lightning of the bar is an important element. The bar should not be too dark so as to avoid disasters. It should also not be too bright. Dim lightning is perfect for a bar as it sets the mood just right. You can use the over-the-bar counter lights. In addition, you can light up the liquor rack to add effect and enhance the liquor.

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