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In times like these, working from home has become a necessity for majority of the population. This has been going on for more than a year now. No one knows when this is going on end and hence it is better to get accustomed to it and learn about the ergonomics to work from home. Ergonomics simply mean the amount of comfort and convenience that a piece of furniture provides to a person to increase his/her working efficiency. Here are a few things that can make your task of working at home smooth and easy.

  • Invest your money in good quality equipment to make the environment convenient and comfortable. Having a desk of right height and a chair with changeable height is very important. You can also put footrest beneath your feet to avoid tiredness. Keep something on the back of your chair to avoid back pain.
  • You should keep switching from sitting to standing while working. This helps to relax the legs. You can use the table and chair while sitting and fix an appropriate and ideal place to work while standing up. The laptop can be kept on the kitchen counter or some other place at the elbow’s height.
  • You should know the right way to use a laptop for prolonged hours. Non-stop working on the laptop causes neck flexion. It causes pain and discomfort not only in the neck, but also in shoulders and the elbow. If you work on a laptop, you should use a keyboard and a mouse (wireless or not). This makes the work-place more flexible.
  • Pay attention to the kind of environment that you choose for working. There should not be a lot of disturbance from family members or space-wise. You should choose a separate room with a door just to work. There should be enough space to keep things that you might need during the day. You should also keep in mind the noise that the room has to deal with. The place should not be too noisy.
  • If your work includes more of writing or such, then you should take care of the lighting of your place. working for hours in dim light can really affect your eyesight. Portable table lamps in such a situation are very useful as they provide adequate light wherever needed and you can change their positions as per your convenience.

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