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Your room’s entire look can be transformed by making certain changes to your walls regarding its color, pattern or texture. Your room wall’s are like a canvas that you can paint according to the theme of your designs and there is no end to how creative you want to be with the process.

You can adorn your wall with paintings, hangers, decor items, patterns, wallpapers, and so much more. The possibilities of what you can do with an accent wall are endless. From glamorous to modern contemporary, every kind of style has the walls of a room as the backbone, around which the other elements of the design like the furniture, rugs and lighting are centred.

One can use simple colour paint white on the walls to give a more spacious look to the room, but leaving those walls bare can give a dull and monotonous look. On the other hand, darker colours can make your room closed off if no complementary elements like good lighting are added to the room. Thus accent walls are a great way of bringing some character to your room without becoming too overbearing. Rather than painting all your walls in one dark colour or pastel colour, depending on your choice, one can always make one wall the focal point of the interior design and then add the other elements accordingly.

A professional interior design with years of experience and an eye for design bears knowledge regarding elevating the style of a room with accent walls or how to incorporate an accent wall in a room to spruce up its style. Vibrant and extravagant might not be the choice of accent walls used for commercial interior design as the expectations of the end results are completely different. Here, a more industrial look would serve the purpose of the space best with accent walls that use elements like wood or cement board.

Nowadays, accent walls are a trend in the market. Accent walls are also known as feature walls. Focal walls naturally catch the attention of the seeker. Here are some of the accent wall ideas which you can use in your home to spruce up your space –

Stripes in the room

Stripes look classy but attractive; you can add single coloured stripes or go for a multi-coloured stripe look to your room to make it more beautiful and unique. They bring an engaging pattern to the room yet are not too overwhelming, especially for someone who is just starting experimenting with accent wall design ideas.

Faux brick wall

It won’t be an overstatement that Faux brick walls have been quite a rage for some time now, especially for people living in rented apartments as you are not adding something permanent to your home. You can turn one of your wall’s to a faux brick one to make it look subtle, elegant and classy.

Paint splattered wall

you can give a splash of bright solid colours to your bare white wall. It will provide you with a colourful look in the room whenever you spend time in that room.


If you are an artist or someone very creatively inclined, what better way to bring your personality to your space than painting the wall of your room. You can either decide on a set theme or just go with the flow and create whatever stems out of your creative brain on the wall. Some good artwork on the walls goes a long way in attracting the viewer’s eye and giving a very personal and calming look to the room.

Geometrical shapes

you can use different shapes and patterns of different colours to have a colourful blast in your room to stay away from the dull and boring white or other standard colours. This is a great option for people who stay away from monotonous spaces and thrive in a place with some vibrance and character.