professional interior designer

DefineHomz, as the leading interior design service provider in the space of interior design and home renovation, is working towards ideating, executing and delivering the renewed needs of customers. Pandemic has been a time of major changes and transformations for interior design firms, just like all other market sectors that have been affected.The industry has steered to fulfil individuals' renewed needs regarding their homes' look and functioning capabilities. Professional interior designers with years of experience had expected and are still contemplating a readjustment in their extended services to harmonize with the market demands.

The pandemic and the nationwide lockdown has created ripples of changes in our views regarding our home, recreation and work. The last few months have brought a shift in the meaning of interior design to many, especially with the rediscovered perspective of our homes after being forced to come face to face to its meaning and purpose inseparably. Besides aesthetics, functionality and flexibility have emerged as the renewed focus regarding interior design as the effect of living and navigating the new normal. The demands have evolved, and so will be the deliverables in the interior design space that might entail simplified product offerings to build on the principles of utmost comfort, space demarcation, and superior functionality, which are the core zones of the awakening of masses for their homes.

Differentiation of space

In an attempt to remain distant from the outbreak of Covid-19, we became attuned to living within four walls of our homes that furthered the narrative of the need for a space that allows some breathing room to the residing individual through proper demarcation. Beyond interior design, there might even be transitions or alterations in the floor plans of homes moving forward to accommodate the expanding exigency of separate space for work office, study area, etc. Moreover, the idea of private space for tuning out outside disturbances has never been as prominent as today, with people realizing the significance of guest rooms, multiple recreational areas, and an open format to incorporate enough room for respite. Since the commodity that we gained during the pandemic is some free time on our hands, increasing the space for activities and recreation seems like the way to move forward considering the massive drive in the work from home scenario even after the cessation of the pandemic.

Bringing serenity to your space

If it was not apparent enough earlier, then now the interconnection between one's living space, emotional state and physical health must have been consolidated with the current state of affairs. A positively stimulating environment improves relaxation and overall wellness when your senses can relax, and one can unwind the day's stress. The few perspective shifts regarding home interiors that have been witnessed and are likely to be a ballooning concept is the inclusion of nature in some forms to one's house alongside large windows that act as a gateway to nature. Clutter-free, less is more, optimal organization would be the prominent ideologies with interior designs adhering to these phrases' meaning. Overall, achieving a sense of calm and serenity is and would be the objective going forward with interior design.

There is no denying that Covid-19 has brought a considerable change to many industries, not just in terms of customer expectations but also its operations. The interior design scenario in India has also witnessed some qualitative transitions since 'home' has been the most intimate point of contact during the lockdown bringing individuals to the revelations of the transformations they anticipate in their homes now and in the future. Thus, we are executing on those expectations and gearing for the ones to come.