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A bathroom is not just a bathroom now. It is a place where you go to relax and take a long, peaceful bath. The environment of such a place should be delightful and pleasing to the eyes. The world of Interior design has taken to the bathrooms. We get to see the most beautiful and elegant bathrooms in the recently made homes. There is a lot that we can do with our bathroom space. Here are a few ideas to spruce up your bathroom-

Have a separate bathing space

Although this is very common nowadays, there are still many ways to make this unique. A separate bathing space is not only more comfortable and preferable but also very elegant and classy. The ways to distinguish it from the rest of the bathroom are also very creative. A glass square dedicated solely to taking a shower is very sanitary and beautiful. The glass can be transparent as well as tinted. The old school curtain separation method still rocks the look if the colors are coordinated.

Play with color schemes

The most influential way to make your bathroom look lavish is to select a great color scheme. Off late, people have been choosing dark colors to be the theme of their bathroom. Beautiful black and grey bathrooms are usually seen in hotels and malls. The classy black and white bathrooms or all-white bathrooms never go out of style.

Do some background research

When some interior designers who suit your requirements have been shortlisted, do a background check. Collect information about their expertise (specialization, experience), assignments they have worked on, individuals they have collaborated with, and the persons they have worked for.

Give it a natural touch

Choose a corner of your bathroom and add a plant or two. It gives a very positive vibe and is also inexpensive.

Hanging lights

A bathroom with marble floor, marble walls, and marble basins. Can you see that going wrong? Neither can I.

Rustic theme

This one is my personal favorite. The rustic theme suits a bathroom the most. From stone walls to wooden basins, everything is beautiful. A rustic theme can also include heavy soap trays and wooden brushes. Brick-like walls can be used to add to it.

Varying floor levels

You can change the level of the floor depending on the purpose it has to serve. For example, the bathing space can be few steps below the rest of the floor. The location of the basin can be few steps above the normal flooring.

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