professional interior designer

You are attached to your home emotionally, so much so that there is a reflection of you in every room. Your choices of furniture, the design scheme, your decision on whom you want to collaborate with, all decide the quality of your home interiors journey. Home renovation is a big commitment which deserves to be managed by well experienced and knowledgeable people. While your final decision on your design partner may be influenced by the people around you, your emotions, or just plain sheer lack of options known to you, it is important to understand exactly what it is that sets a professional interior designer apart from your local favourite contractor.

Expert designers

An interior design company will have expert designers to follow through with the design process, from the ideation and conception to the execution their expertise will make the process absolute and authentic. On the other hand, the same cannot be guaranteed with contractors as they do not house expert designers but untrained designers.

Design Functionality

It is not just about the looks when you renovate your home. The functionality of each and every furniture, room, cabinetry, the overall space should be maintained which is possible only when an all-encompassing design approach weaved with years of experience is employed during the process. This is possible if you approach top interior design firms with a specialized team but not a guaranteed case with contractors as they focus mainly on the looks.

Timely delivery and guaranteed executions

Expect guaranteed executions and timely delivery from the best interior design company owing to the systematic approach, standardized procedure, and guarantees made upfront which is lacking in the case of contractors as the framework at play is not robust and lacks methodological organization. Consistent delays might happen which will ruin the renovation process for you.

Specialized team and multiple options

Choose from a myriad of design options spawned from the brains of a specialized team having the right expertise and knowledge to turn an idea into reality. In the case of contractors, daily labor is used which automatically severs the scope of a creative and unique design while limiting your options to just what is available.

Branded and high-quality material

High quality and branded materials will be used by a professional interior designer as interiors are not about cutting corners but making sustainable changes to your home environment that ages gracefully while existing in style. On the other hand, expect some corner-cutting and cheap material being used by a contractor as the process is not regularized for quality.

Attention to detail and open to changes

If you can’t even voice your thoughts on the interiors of your home then the process becomes tiring, burdensome, and frustrating. Nobody wants to just go with the flow when it involves something big like home renovations. Professional interior designers give you leeway to make changes so that you are not left unhappy with the end result, after all this is your sanctuary. The attention to detail becomes as important so that the basic aspects of a design are not sidelined. Both of these are aching in the case of contractors as they just focus on finishing the work and are rigid about changes.


In the case of professional interior design, due to the systemized process, you pay what you started with. There are no money scares waiting for you at the end but in the case of contractors, it is quite common for the budget to go haywire or out of the window. The cost variation may go as high as 50%-80% during the execution. So choose wisely.
There is no doubt that the home renovation process is not as glamorous as it sounds, it requires preparation, budget, and the right partner. DefineHomz is here to resolve all your design worries by being with you throughout the process, creating, designing, and executing for you. If you want to experience turning your house into your dream home without the stress and hassle, then explore the services and design dynamics available at DefineHomz.