modular kitchen

Any homemaker knows the significance of making space in the kitchen. While considering interior designing, the emphasis is laid on modular kitchens and the impact it creates on the overall scheme of interior designing. Proper planning and organization will provide more scope for space and ventilation in the kitchen. Simultaneously an organized kitchen means having everything in one place without any hassle.
Hence mentioned below are certain tips for optimising and increasing your kitchen space.


Make use of the heights provided by the kitchen. You can use it to store away rarely used utensils and other knick-knacks thus making a smart and optimal use of the space provided near the ceiling of the kitchen.

Attach Hooks

Utilizing hooks for optimizing kitchen spaces represents a clear cut vision. Installing a copper pipe fitted with hooks helps in hanging mugs and other items with handles. This also helps in keeping countertops squeaky clean and uncluttered.

Storage space above windows

Utilize the space above the windows as storage shelves. Items and utensils with rare usage can be stacked there. This, in turn, will not block the bright sun rays and simultaneously is a creative optimization of space for storage.


Store your plates and other crockeries in a vertical manner using a shelving space. This makes it convenient for taking the plates out and putting them in whenever you want to.

Cabinet Customization

Customize the inside of your cabinet. Think of ways in which you can improvise and increase the inside of cabinet spaces for storage of other small utensils. Additionally, you can add hooks too.

Retractable rack

Having a retractable rack allows makes it convenient fro homemakers to store pots and pans and also using it as and when required.

Utilize Kitchen items

It’s a new trend in kitchen planning and decoration. Utilize your kitchen island to make space and simultaneously, spare space too. The island will seem to be like any typical kitchen island from the front side however store anything from infrequently utilized items to cookbooks in the back.

Proper utilization of unused spaces

Utilize the two sides of the lower cupboards to hang colanders and chopping boards. It additionally makes an ideal spot to hang other hang- worthy things too.

your ceramic collection

Indeed, it is conceivable to do that even in your kitchen! Make a wooden or marble rack on the wall to store your plates. It makes an imaginative storage space as well as loans a touch of art to your wall.

Store veggies safely

You have to store potatoes and onions in a cool and dull spot. Use cane-made baskets to store those veggies and get them far from light.

These are some tips for a successful organization as well as optimization while designing and defining modular kitchen spaces. Thorough research and ideation of what purpose the kitchen holds for you and what all you want to see added provides that extra bit of customization and personalization just for you. If you are looking for the best Interior design company to help you with the renovation, choose us at DefineHomz.