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The very first room that catches the attention of the homeowner or any visitor is the living room. Your living room is the place where you host get -togethers and meetups with your friends and family; thereby, it deserves to be designed in a way that brings up the style quotient of your house. Your living room is the prestige of your home. So, naturally, it becomes imperative to keep it up to the mark. Deciding on the theme or design scheme is the first step in your home renovation journey, as according to it, the other elements of your rooms can be aligned.
The best interior designers with a plethora of experience who know how to communicate and understand what their clients exactly mean regarding what they want in their house are crucial to turning a good design into a great one. They also help you get your dream living room and places designed in the most appropriate budget.

There are various ways through which you can give an update to your current living room. Some of them are listed below.

  • CONSULTATION FROM INTERIOR DESIGN FIRMS – Home interiors companies like DefineHomz can help you understand what kind of furniture, built-ins, etc., would look good in a particular area of your living room. They can further advise on the types of colour combinations that will look good according to your chosen theme. When you go to a friend’s place to visit or any relative’s place, you might find some fascinating decor items that intrigue you. One can also get inspired by other people’s homes and bring it to their own house with a twist o their own, reflecting their style. You often plan to use that kind or similar kind of décor in your future home. In such cases, you could always consult your friend about which designer they had hired or what other designs are available in a similar fashion.
  • CARPETS, CURTAINS, AND DOORS – The rugs under your centre table or the doormats should always be according to the walls and furniture’s colour scheme. The curtain’s designs and colours, all should go with the flow. The type of rug used like tasselled, multilayered, patterned can add lots of character to the living room and create harmony in the overall design.
  • CUPBOARDS AND CABINETS - You can make designer cupboards and storage units in spaces in your living room, where you think the area is very bland and could use adequate storage space. You can mount your TV on a specially designed unit that can also serve as storage space for other household items.
  • LAMPS – Lighting is one major element that can make or break your space. Nowadays, many beautiful designer lights and lamps are available, using which you can give a beautiful glow to your house. The type of light you use creates different kind of environment like warm light can make your space cosier, using chandelier can add a touch of luxury and trendy lamps can further spruce the space.


If you are looking to add some zing to your living room, then DefineHomz is your destination. We are a leading home interior company with all-encompassing services like bespoke furniture, kitchen makeovers, bedroom makeovers etc. We align your vision to your dream home while adhering to your budget and lifestyle.