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What are you planning this summer to make it more interesting than ever? Have you been wondering about how you should experiment with colors and other interior designing stuff to make it more favorable to withstand this really hot summer?

Colors play a huge role as few of them extend a cool essence to the place. We’re going to discuss them later in the article but if you really want to try your hands at efficient home decoration services then reach out to one of the best interior designers like DefineHomz.

Being professional interior designers, we understand your design needs of cooling down the heat at such an elevated temperature through various tactics.

We suggest bringing nature into the home is one of the best ways by decorating the space using plants. They exhale fresh air and you feel cool and fresh throughout. They also make the place look more appealing.

But, now we'll peek into the color combinations for the summer interiors:-

  1. Minty green and lemon yellow:- Most people like mojito drinks during summers due to their freshness brought up by lemon and mint leaves. You can add the same touch of the refreshing atmosphere by using this combination of these colors on your walls. Minted green is the fresher tone of green that compliments lemon yellow really well. For the best look, try to use furniture and décor pieces of neutral colors rather than choosing dark shades.
  2. Ivory white and rose red:- Rose red is a very attractive color that extends a fresh and sleek look to your room especially when you combine it with the shiny ivory white color. The final look is extremely gorgeous. You can make it stand out by adding décor pieces furniture items in white color. Beautiful pieces of wall hangings deliver an elegant look to the room.
  3. Hot pink and sky blue:- Pink is a subtle color that looks wonderful when paired with sky blue shade. You can experiment a lot with these colors by painting the wall white and adding pink in different ways by drawing art or you can use these combinations through the ombre effect. Not just walls, this mixture of color works well for the curtains in the room.
  4. Soft pastels:- To build a subtle and soft environment, pastel shades can be best used. Cream white, lighter shades of pink and green, and multiple can be explored to transform the place. When you use pastel shades on the walls, furniture calls for a shade darker to fill out the theme. Printed curtains and fancy wall hangings can enhance the whole look of the space.
  5. Cool hues: What's more soothing than using cool colors like turquoise, water blue, etc during hot summers. Cool hues are enhanced if combined with neutral colors furniture and décor.

Coming to an end, you don’t have to take much stress about going anywhere wrong while experimenting with your space because definehomz is right by your side to guide you throughout so that you are satisfied with the outcomes.