Our signature classic contemporary designs complement every architectural style, with a strong identity that draws inspiration from the location, building vernacular and most importantly, the client’s requirements, interests and lifestyle. Bespoke Furniture design is integral to the approach we take. Every facet of a project can be custom made to exacting specifications, ensuring that the clients’ needs are realized with unwavering creative expression, with the very finest quality assured.
From sketching an idea in your mind to living it, we do everything in between. We truly believe that quality of life can be enhanced through exceptional design, with every detail, material, and element of space creating a luxurious whole, enhancing a property’s value while still retaining a truly personal touch. How do you experience life?

The Brand Story

The Logo

The logo, represented in purple is a mixture of the calm stability of the colour blue and the fierce energy and strength of the colour red. Purple, the colour of royalty also represents a transformation, in line with the brand’s ideology and engraved within its tagline ‘redefining lifestyle’.
The initials D and H are built subtly within this circular purple space. While the vast emptiness represents the real estate space (home or commercial) worked upon, the fine lines of the alphabets differentiate the various divisions within the area. An easy-to-draw-with-hand logo represents class and simplicity within itself. The line touching the circumference allows for an opening and stops the circle from being completed, in line with the Vastu ideology and allowing for unlimited possibilities as an open circle.

The tagline

The tagline describes the principal elemental of luxury within the core design offering, enabling a life befitting of a higher class, irrespective of the levels of luxury you currently represent. The transformation is vivid and real.

We are DefineHomz

Creating spaces
you love to be in!

At DefineHomz, we didn't just create an organization that helps you design and execute functional and aesthetic designs. We are here to add value to your lifestyle. For us, the spaces you live in define you and the life you live! Be a proud owner and have the same excitement to get home each time you are away, because being there gives you the high you envision and we deliver! For us your vision is what you should live each day with. DefineHomz is your lifestyle personified!


Jai Gill

Founder & CEO

Professional Interior Designer


Behind Our Company

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Jai Gill