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The interior design industry is the kind of industry that never stops evolving. Whether you want to keep up with the trends or not is always in your hands. Your beautiful home should be able to please your eyes and be a treat to others’ eyes as well. Moreover, change is very important in a house because you spend a majority of your time there and the same designs and colors might become monotonous at a certain point. Here are some of the design trends to incorporate in your house this year-

Natural textures

Natural textures are very in these days. You can fill your house with such textures. Wooden look is working miracles for living rooms and bedrooms. The brown wooden look is the most classic one which has a high demand. White sheets, cushions, and curtains all around the house to compliment the look are like a cherry on top.

Bring in nature

Apart from wood, plants and flowers also generate a very positive environment for the house. They enhance the beauty of the house as well. It is one of the most affordable interior design options. If you have a huge garden space in front of your house, a big tree or two would bring value to the look. Plants in the corners of the house and flowers in pots give a fresh vibe to the place.

Darker kitchen and bathroom

For the longest time now, kitchens and bathrooms have been painted white. They are the brightest places in the house. Time to break the monotony with beautiful black marble and shine.

Painted ceiling

Since 2021 is all about change, let us pay attention to the ceilings for once. Let us not leave it white and bring in some crazy texture fun or simply just a gradient color that is not white.

The rough and incomplete finish

This new trend of making the walls look like they are unfinished and the bricks still showing in their natural color is very much in. It gives a very natural and rusty look to the whole room and it looks very aesthetic as well.


The look of velvet is unbeatable. A living room and bedrooms with velvet touch look very classy. Bedsheets, sofa covers, wall textures, and curtains all make a living space more relaxing. Colors like brown and mustard suit this look a lot.

All whites

Just like out of the movies, a house with white walls, white furniture, white bedsheets, and white curtains. It makes the house look like a place truly out of heaven. Plants would be a great addition to this white beauty. The only nightmare would be to clean the place when it gets dirty. White invites some trouble, that’s true, but it is worth it. Some trends never go out of style.

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